Hiring Employees for Your Small Business


There are so many questions in the heads of small business owners that it’s sometimes difficult keeping track of them.

The hiring of employees isn’t the first stop you will likely be making. There are a lot of other elements that must come into place first before you may even want to take on new employees.

It’s important, however, that you start thinking about those things, so when the time comes, you can proceed with knowledge. So, where do you start? Where do you find new talent? Where do you find employees that are right for you and your small business?


There is no other source as trustworthy as referrals. The people you do business with every day are the people that know you best. These are people that you can trust will understand what you are looking for, based on their experience having worked with your small business. In fact, 40% of hires come from referrals. So, keep your business relationships strong and refer back when the time is right for you!


LinkedIn has proved itself as a major player in social media. They do a great job of connecting people, but it’s also such an effective way of learning about people’s qualifications and experience. The process of connecting with qualified talent is made so simple for you, as a small business owner.

Search Outside of Skill

This isn’t for everyone, but it’s one that may work depending on your business. The strengths of a small business come from its core team. It’s essentially a family dynamic that is recreated in the workplace; for this reason, while an individual’s level of skill is crucial, their attitude may be more important. If they have the right attitude for the job, the workplace and the environment, they may prove themselves as a useful asset to the company. In some instances, being incredibly motivated is as important, if not more important, than having the right skill set for the job.



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